Usage: pip-compile [OPTIONS] [SRC_FILES]...

  Compiles requirements.txt from requirements.in, pyproject.toml, setup.cfg,
  or setup.py specs.

  --version                       Show the version and exit.
  --color / --no-color            Force output to be colorized or not, instead
                                  of auto-detecting color support
  -v, --verbose                   Show more output
  -q, --quiet                     Give less output
  -n, --dry-run                   Only show what would happen, don't change
  -p, --pre                       Allow resolving to prereleases (default is
  -r, --rebuild                   Clear any caches upfront, rebuild from
  --extra TEXT                    Name of an extras_require group to install;
                                  may be used more than once
  --all-extras                    Install all extras_require groups
  -f, --find-links TEXT           Look for archives in this directory or on
                                  this HTML page; may be used more than once
  -i, --index-url TEXT            Change index URL (defaults to
  --no-index                      Ignore package index (only looking at
                                  --find-links URLs instead).
  --extra-index-url TEXT          Add another index URL to search; may be used
                                  more than once
  --cert TEXT                     Path to alternate CA bundle.
  --client-cert TEXT              Path to SSL client certificate, a single
                                  file containing the private key and the
                                  certificate in PEM format.
  --trusted-host TEXT             Mark this host as trusted, even though it
                                  does not have valid or any HTTPS; may be
                                  used more than once
  --header / --no-header          Add header to generated file
  --emit-trusted-host / --no-emit-trusted-host
                                  Add trusted host option to generated file
  --annotate / --no-annotate      Annotate results, indicating where
                                  dependencies come from
  --annotation-style [line|split]
                                  Choose the format of annotation comments
  -U, --upgrade / --no-upgrade    Try to upgrade all dependencies to their
                                  latest versions
  -P, --upgrade-package TEXT      Specify a particular package to upgrade; may
                                  be used more than once
  -o, --output-file FILENAME      Output file name. Required if more than one
                                  input file is given. Will be derived from
                                  input file otherwise.
  --newline [LF|CRLF|native|preserve]
                                  Override the newline control characters used
  --allow-unsafe / --no-allow-unsafe
                                  Pin packages considered unsafe: distribute,
                                  pip, setuptools.
                                  WARNING: Future versions of pip-tools will
                                  enable this behavior by default. Use --no-
                                  allow-unsafe to keep the old behavior. It is
                                  recommended to pass the --allow-unsafe now
                                  to adapt to the upcoming change.
  --strip-extras / --no-strip-extras
                                  Assure output file is constraints
                                  compatible, avoiding use of extras.
  --generate-hashes               Generate pip 8 style hashes in the resulting
                                  requirements file.
  --reuse-hashes / --no-reuse-hashes
                                  Improve the speed of --generate-hashes by
                                  reusing the hashes from an existing output
  --max-rounds INTEGER            Maximum number of rounds before resolving
                                  the requirements aborts.
  --build-isolation / --no-build-isolation
                                  Enable isolation when building a modern
                                  source distribution. Build dependencies
                                  specified by PEP 518 must be already
                                  installed if build isolation is disabled.
  --emit-find-links / --no-emit-find-links
                                  Add the find-links option to generated file
  --cache-dir DIRECTORY           Store the cache data in DIRECTORY.  [env
                                  var: PIP_TOOLS_CACHE_DIR; default:
  --pip-args TEXT                 Arguments to pass directly to the pip
  --resolver [legacy|backtracking]
                                  Choose the dependency resolver.
  --emit-index-url / --no-emit-index-url
                                  Add index URL to generated file
  --emit-options / --no-emit-options
                                  Add options to generated file
  --unsafe-package TEXT           Specify a package to consider unsafe; may be
                                  used more than once. Replaces default unsafe
                                  packages: distribute, pip, setuptools
  --config FILE                   Read configuration from TOML file. By
                                  default, looks for the following files in
                                  the given order: .pip-tools.toml,
  --no-config                     Do not read any config file.
  -c, --constraint TEXT           Constrain versions using the given
                                  constraints file; may be used more than
  --build-deps-for [editable|sdist|wheel]
                                  Name of a build target to extract
                                  dependencies for. Static dependencies
                                  declared in 'pyproject.toml::build-
                                  system.requires' will be included as well;
                                  may be used more than once.
  --all-build-deps                Extract dependencies for all build targets.
                                  Static dependencies declared in
                                  'pyproject.toml::build-system.requires' will
                                  be included as well.
  --only-build-deps               Extract a package only if it is a build
  -h, --help                      Show this message and exit.